Doug Mumford

SBC Legend – Obituary

Doug was a Borough Polytechnic FC and Southbank Cuaco FC Stalwart for 74 years. He was an active sportsman both on the field and in administration as well as a caring family man. This is his story.

Doug sadly died aged 93 living still in South London where he commenced his association with Borough Polytechnic F.C. in 1936, the former name of one of the two founder Clubs which amalgamated in 2001 to form South Bank Cuaco AFC.

During the 1936/37 season at the age of 16 he played two games in goal for Borough Polytechnic 2nd XI, then members of the Southern Olympian League, before graduating to the 1st XI that season.

In addition to football Doug was a sprint runner with Belgrave Harriers, a notable table tennis player and a cricketer with Borough Polytechnic. The Second World War somewhat interrupted the continuity of these sports when he joined the RAF to become a pilot of bomber and reconnaissance planes as well as giving him the opportunity to learn and play the game of hockey.

After the war Doug rejoined Borough Polytechnic F.C., to play in the Nemean Football League in 1945/46 season before the Club became members of the Southern Amateur Football League for the 1946/47 season. He continued to play both football and cricket into his 60’s and it was not unusual for him to play his first game of football for the season on a Saturday in late September and his final game of cricket for the season the following day.

Not many seasons passed before Doug became involved with the administration of the Club taking over as Match Secretary for the 1950/51 – a position which he held continuously until the end of the 2000/01 season. Clearly it is a role from which he cannot be parted for too long since he returned to the job in 2007/08 and from which he retired at the end of the 2011/12 season.

In 1985 he was elected President of the Club, by then known as South Bank Polytechnic F.C., until 2000 and then in 2001, when South Bank Cuaco was inaugurated, he was again elected President – a title which he continued to hold. With the formation of South Bank Cuaco Doug was also elected Chairman which he held until he relinquished the role in 2009.

The Southern Amateur Football League were soon to become aware of Doug’s administrative ability when in the 1960’s he was elected to the League’s Management Committee as Match Secretary for the Minor Section which typically consisted of nine or more divisions. He remained in this role until 1992 when he was elevated to the position of Match and Referee Secretary for the Senior Section of the League which he held until the end of the 1999/2000 season. In 1998 Doug was elected a League Vice-President and then, in 2010, elected as President of the Southern Amateur Football League. This is a position normally with a term of office for three years but in Doug’s case it has been extended to a fourth year.

Doug’s contribution to Association Football has been recognised by the Football Association with the award of the FA Commemorative Medallion in recognition of 50 years’ service in the game and by the Amateur Football Alliance when, in 2003, he received the Keith Busby Memorial Award presented for distinguished service in Club administration.

As mentioned above Doug did not allow a wasted weekend between the football and cricket seasons starting his playing career for Borough Polytechnic CC at around the same time he commenced playing football and continuing to play for South Bank CC 3rd team well into the mid 1980’s which included a Club tour in 1984 when he kept wicket. Indeed, Doug did often minimise missing a cricket weekend when arranging the family summer holiday to commence on the Monday and return on the Friday of the following week thus only one weekend’s cricket was foregone.

After Doug’s playing career ended he stood as umpire for South Bank CC 1st XI in both the North Kent League and the Fuller’s Surrey League during the latter part of the 1980’s and throughout the 1990’s.

As with the football Club Doug’s continued connection with the cricket Club has been maintained as Club President a position which he has held for the past 20 years.
In 1943 Doug married Vera who survives him together with their two sons, Nigel born in 1947 and Derek born ten years later.

Douglas L. Mumford, born 6th June 1920 died 13th May 2014.