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The Southbank Cuaco FC Committee

Colin Ferris
Club Secretary

Colin has been with the club for longer than most of us have been alive.  He is always at the club.  Occasionally we let him go home, but not very often.

Edward Watson
Chairman & Club Coach

Rumour had it that Pep Guardiola once played under Snr. Watson for the 4th team 49 years ago, and it’s here he learned his now trademark passing and pressing style of play. Ed can sometimes be found pole-axed in central midfield or in a pink shirt.

Ralph Salter
Club President

During his playing career Ralph played for 50 years in the AFA as a goalkeeper and was known for slowing down time during opposition shots on goal. It is alleged that he missed 3 Saturdays during his playing career due to a strained wrist but this has not been confirmed.

Ian Pereira
Vice Chairman

Ian is part man part metal, a long time central midfielder and member of the gang of four.  Injury/Fatherhood has not quelled his love of football or the club.  You will find him at the bar.

Tawfique 'Toff' Choudhury

For a long time we have been expecting Tawf’s employers to put a restraining order on us.  Tawf is always on SBFC business.  He basically runs the show and makes the whole thing work, oh and he runs the club tour so get in his good books.

Luke Howard
Club Captain

Luke is the man behind our selection policy and its implementation. It is not wise to start your sentence with the words ‘About this sectional strength rule…’  He doesn’t take prisoners and so all our captains call him sir and stay well clear of him.

Ryan Hayes
Match Secretary

The young man in the team. Without Ryan’s effort and attention to detail we wouldn’t get to play football each weekend. So really Ryan runs the club.

Liam Coughlan
Recruitment Officer

Liam is a dynamo on and off the pitch.
On the pitch his darting runs open up the enemy defences. Off the pitch, well if you are at the club you were probably recruited by him.

Registration Secretary

We need one of these.

Warren ‘Wozza’ Wilson
Social Secretary

Wozza is a SBC legend.  Popular history recounts how he managed to get banned for life for getting two red cards in one day.  He is definitely poacher turned game keeper gleefully giving out advice to young hot heads.  But its still advisable to be on the same team as him even in training.  You have been warned.

James 'JJ' Hutchfull
Communications Officer (social media)

It seems that JJ has been at the club for ever. He joined as a youth player. A striker by birth he is everywhere (all over the place) on the pitch. Fancies himself on social media so that’s what he does.

Communications Officer (website)

This guy does exactly what it says on the tin.  He communicates and he is to be announced…

Liam Coughlan
1st XI Captain

The 1s just missed promotion last season so hopes and expectations are high.  We would like to have two Liam’s in the club.  Unfortunately we only have one and he is the same one as the recruitment officer.

Joshua John
2nd XI Captain

The 2s had a tough season last year.  Cometh the hour cometh the man.  Which in this case is Josh.  He is a striker by trade and not afraid to score the odd goal or be offside numerous times.  His up and at ’em tactics will undoubtedly win him fans and hopefully some silverware as well.

George Martin
3rd XI Captain

Thankfully there is no joshing in the third team (They are all in the top two teams).  George took over the 3rd team from his dad last season and nearly got them in the top three.  His newly revamped team and modern tactical approach should give them a solid chance of taking some honours this year.

Paddy McKeown
4th XI Captain

Old carrot top himself has been at the club for ever.  A talented midfield artist he has finally cut his hair and stepped up to the plate.  This season leads a newly promoted  4s team populated by Chileans, Irishmen, two Toms, Dick, Harry and other assorted excellently trained footballers.

Andrew Peterson
5th XI Captain

Andy ran the 6s or ‘Andy’s pups’ last year and like an unwaist-coated slightly different Southgate, he so nearly got the them promoted last season.  He is back again fresh and with a slightly more experienced squad this year to take the 5s into a new era.

Dan George
6th XI Captain

Dan took over from Neil.  The king is dead long live the king.  Dan is the thinking mans captain and knows what he wants from the team.  Has he got time to turn aroung the 6s season.  He certainly has.  Everyone has a good time in the 6s which is the proving ground for the rest of the club, so we are lucky to have him steering the young bloods forward.

Alex Russell
7th XI Captain

The 7s are where the young bloods win their spurs and the ageing club legends help them to earn them with uncompromising defence, majestic grace and pinpoint passing accuracy.  Alex is the wizard who makes the alchemy happen.