Mental Exercise

Mental Exercise

A mental training exercise for you this week. Think about yourself as a player and the best games you have contributed to your team’s success this year.  Then think of a player(s) who best encapsulates the qualities you bring to the team.  If you are bold let us all know who it is and why you think he is your role model.  Then run a film of that player demonstrating those skills in play through your head a few times over the next two days.  Come to the cup final feeling like that player and knowing that you will deliver those qualities.

Here is my role model to get the creative juices flowing.  A mixture of Roy Keane and Owen Hargreaves.  The qualities I think I bring and that I will strive to deliver on Saturday are

  • Huge work rate
  • Tenacious
  • Big and determined in the tackle
  • I get the ball and give it to a play maker (normally Brian, Ian or Steve) who can better deliver the finished product
  • No ball is ever dead, no cause is ever lost.

For a bit of inspiration watch these videos a few times

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3