• Be on time
  • Turn up correctly dressed with the correct equipment (including shin guards)
  • Treat each other and the coaches with respect
  • Train as a team not as individuals
  • Take part to your best in each activity that is laid on and help each other get better
  • Train with the tempo and concentration that we will use on match day.
  • Always give your best.
  • Look, listen and try before dismissing something as not for you. Strive to learn something new every session.
  • Look after yourself physically in between training sessions.
  • Treat facilities and equipment with respect.
  • There is no place in this team for threatening or abusive language or behaviour towards each other or the coaches.


Before a Match

 If you have an injury or feel ill. Let the team manager know in good time (ie midweek) if there is a chance that you will not be able to play. Except under exceptional circumstances, if you leave it until the night before a match to pull out you are unlikely to be selected again.

  • Do not abuse your body on the night before a game. Restrict alcohol and get a good night sleep.
  • Prepare your body physically for optimal performance before turning up to play. Eat well and in good time


On Match Day

 Be on time for the pre-match talk and warm up.

  • Play to win but play fairly.
  • Play to the best of your abilities for yourself, your team and the Club.
  • Be a good sportsman. Recognise good play, whether by your team or by the opposition.
  • Control your temper and use your energies for playing better football.
  • Never swear, spit, make racist or other offensive remarks or gestures to any player, Referee, Assistant Referees or spectator.
  • Treat the referee with respect. By default, do not comment on the referees decisions but concentrate on your own and the team’s game. At no time should you argue with the referee.
  • Be a good winner and a good loser. At the end of the match, all players must shake hands and thank the Referee and Assistant Referees.
  • Show respect for the facilities and equipment you use. Vandalism or thievery will not be tolerated under any circumstances.