A Warm Up for Footballers


6 Cones
4 Balls
4 Bibs

The Warm Up

The warm up falls into 5 phases and should take between 25 and 35 minutes

  1. Rythmic Warm Up – to get the blood pumping
  2. Static Stretches – to start stretching the muscles
  3. Dynamic Stretches – to quicken the feet and complete stretching
  4. Sprints – to get the mind in the right place
  5. Ball Work – to get the feel of the ball and rediscover the pace of play

Set up the six cones to form a 20 x 10 rectangle with 3 cones seperated by 10 paces down each long side

Rythmic Exercise

Either 400 metre light jog
Or whole team jogs inside rectangle avoiding each other changing direction, side to sides. Progressions:

  • Leader calls various touches (left, right, both, change direction, up for header)
  • Ball introduced for short passing

Static Stretches

Arms and shoulders (arm swings)
Shoulders (One hand over head behind back)
Trunk (Swing both arms behind back)
Trunk and hip (lie on floor, cock leg, rotate cocked leg to floor keeping shoulders on ground)
Groin (lunge exercise, Chinese drill)
Hamstrings (Lean forward one leg straight one leg bent)
Quads (pick up one foot behind you)
Calves (press up position on one leg with other leg over)
Calves (stand on a step on your toes and drop heels lower than step)

Goalkeeper and substitute go to goal with 2 balls to warm up goalie hands

Dynamic Stretches

(2 columns, Exercise done to first cone (10 yards) jog to second cone (10 yards), jog back to start (20 yards)

Half Pace
Inside to out steps (over the gate)
Outside to in steps (open the gate)
High Kicks to opposite hands
Backward run
Side to sides
Heel raises
Thigh raises
Shadow boxing
Agressive side to sides


(2 columns, Exercise done to first cone (10 yards) jog to second cone (10 yards), jog back to start (20 yards)

7/8 Sprint
One step back sprint
One step forward 2 back sprint
turn the other way one step forward turn sprint
turn the other way tuck jump turn sprint

Ball Work

Forwards go to goalie and practice shooting
Remainder (8 – 11) either keep ball in the coned area or circle passing or other ball exercises.